No module named ''


We are pretty new to prodigy. We installed prodigy in a Linux machine and we have this problem right the way.
No module named ''

I'm just trying to run one of your recipes.

I can paste the hole error code in you need it


Hi! was a module in spaCy v2, but doesn't exist anymore in v3.

Which version of Prodigy are you using? If it's 1.10, can you make sure that you do have spaCy v2 installed? spaCy v3 only works with prodigy v1.11, which isn't officially released yet.

Thanks! I'm pretty sure I installed spacy v3. Thanks!

I ran into this error as well, I installed prodigy-1.10.8 and then installed sense2vec to try and follow along with the video tutorial.

Sounds like the issue is installing the latest sense2vec, to pin to spaCy v2 and older version is needed: sense2vec==1.0.3

It's strange that pip doesn't just give you the best-matching version of sense2vec for what you already have in your environment – I thought the new dependency resolver would take care of that automatically. But yes, this is likely what caused the problem: the latest sense2vec pulled in spaCy v3, which made the rest of your env incompatible.

from import offsets_from_biluo_tags
No module named ''
What is the equivalent of offsets_from_biluo_tags in spacy v3?
I need to convert token-based tags to offsets.

SpaCy version == 3.1.3
Prodigy Version == 1.11.5

Hi, here's a table of the main changes from v2 to v3 similar to this: