usage error

I wanna import the annotations as biluo format in the output file.
On the prodigyReadme it is provided that I can have them as following:

prodigy datasets_2708 <path-to-output>  <path-to-model> --biluo 

However when I run that, I took this usage error in terminal:

 usage: prodigy [-h] [-sm None] [-B] dataset [output_file]
prodigy error: unrecognized arguments: datasets_2708 /Users/asli/Desktop/NER/prodigy/all_label_dataset_biluo.jsonl

What am I doing wrong here?

It looks like the example is out of date. Sorry about that, and thanks for the report. The recipe arguments should all print their usage, and you can get more detailed usage with the --help argument. From the error message, it looks like the problem is that the model needs to be specified with the -sm keyword argument (or in full form, --spacy-model), instead of as a positional argument like in the example.