Multi-label NER

Hi! I'm trying to do some labeling presumably using something similar to the ner.manual recipe however I would like to be able to label any given word/phrase in the text with multiple labels. I made a custom recipe but I'm having a hard time getting this to show up in the UI. Whenever I try to ad another label it just deletes the existing highlight/label. Is this possible to do?

Hi! The upcoming version of Prodigy will include a new UI for annotating overlapping spans. You can read more about it here: ✨ Prodigy nightly: spaCy v3 support, UI for overlapping spans, improved feeds & more

However, just for completeness (and others coming across this thread later): the data you'd create here wouldn't be suitable for a regular named entity recognition model. Those implementations typically assign token-based tags, and by defintion, every token can only be part of one entity (which is also one of the reasons NER generally works so well). So if your goal is to train a model to predict those annotations, you'd want to choose a different implementation, e.g. one that predicts labels for arbitrary spans of text.