MongoDB to Store Annotations


I would like to use MongoDB to store my annotations from Prodigy. The product I am developing relies on a Mongo Docker image that I have been using for my other components and I would like to keep everything on the same DB. Has anyone had experience setting up Prodigy with Mongo? I know that one can easily configure their own SQL database with Prodigy but I am having trouble finding instructions on how to set it up with Mongo.


Hi! I don’t remember anyone sharing an example with MongoDB, but you might find this thread helpful for some more general tips for implementing a custom Database class:

Ultimately, your Database class just needs to provide the same methods as Prodigy’s built in Database class (you can find the API specs in your PRODIGY_README.html). How you structure things internally and how you communicate with MongoDB is up to you. For instance, the Database.get_dataset method takes the string name of a dataset and should return a list of dictionaries of the annotations in the given set. That’s all Prodigy cares about – so if you can construct a query that gets you that data, everything should work as expected.

The source of the database models is also included with Prodigy, so you can take a look at it for some inspiration.

If anyone in the future also needs this functionality, I have written a custom data loader and database for using MongoDB with Prodigy. They are available at GitHub - jdagdelen/mondigy: A small component for using a Mongodb database as a data loader for Prodigy annotation applications..

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