Looking to try before I buy!

Is it possible to trial the full functionality (for creation of own entities for our domain) before we commit to buy enterprise licence?

@Vonderful Yes, we can definitely work sometihing out. Could you email us at contact@explosion.ai?

We normally do commercial trials by hosting a VM for you that you can log into. This lets you get the full experience of the tool including the scriptable back-end, and also makes it easy for us to help if you get stuck.

Amazing, once I’m in the office I’ll ping you an email this am. Thanks

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Hi @ines, we’ve started commercial trial a few days back. I know that only port 8080 is exposed right now, can I try out multiple ports with the trial VM?

@gladiator What happens if you set the PRODIGY_HOST environment variable to the IP of the machine and then the PRODIGY_PORT variable to the desired port? If it’s still not working, let us know – we might have to explicitly enable exposing other ports on the VM.

I tried changing PRODIGY_HOST but it doesn’t work. Could you enable exposing other ports on the VM too?