Loading pre-annotated data

Hi. I would like to load a pre-annotated (outside of prodigy) dataset. Is this possible to see the label already selected and then view the changelog?

Prodigy's input and output formats are identical, so you can always load in already annotated data, or generate the JSONL format programmatically. You can see an overview of the expected formats for the different interfaces here: https://prodi.gy/docs/api-interfaces

For example, if you're using the choice UI with multiple options, you can provide a list of "accept": ["LABEL_A", "LABEL_B"] to pre-select options in the UI. This will then be updated if you make changes in the UI. If you want to preserve the original annotations, you can just add them as a separate key to the JSON you send out, e.g. "orig_selection": [...]. This is passed through with the data, so to find out whether the annotations have changed, you just need to compare accept and orig_selection.

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