Limit number of predicted entities


In short: Is it possible to tell a spacy model that the given document will (at most) contain ONE entity of the given label?

From my understanding, spacy uses some kind of score-threshold to determine which entity-guesses to take. In the prodigy context, I found topics dealing with custom scorers or Matt explaining the beam search used in the EntityRecognizer, but I couldn't figure out where to start with a e.g. "only take the highest scoring entity" modification (for the overall spacy model, not only inside a prodigy recipe, just to avoid misunderstandings).

I have another question regarding my workflow which ultimately led to this question here, but I will create a second topic to not blow this one here up...

There's not really an elegant way to do this currently, sorry --- at least not with the main model. It's not a requirement that comes up often.

Okay, nevertheless thank you very much for your reply!