Language PT-BR

I’d like to know if Prodigy deals with other languages apart from English. I’d need it works to Brazilian Portuguese. Is it possible to custom the tool graphical interface to Brazilian Portuguese?

Thanks in advance.

Prodigy is an annotation tool and will let you work with whatever text you stream in. It doesn’t really care about the language. If you want to use spaCy, you can start off with the built-in Portuguese tokenizer and the pre-trained pt_core_news_sm model – it probably won't be perfect out-of-the-box, especially not for PT-BR, so you'll have to add some annotations and fine-tune it for your use case. Of course, you can also use Prodigy to just collect static annotations and then train a model using a different library later on.

Or do you mean the UI language, like the text in the sidebar, messages shown to the user etc? If so, translating that is possible in theory, but that feature isn't exposed for customisation at the moment. If it's something that people want (e.g. to work with annotators who don't know English), we could consider adding that option.

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Tks Ines, you answered all my doubts. I was meaning the UI.
All the best!