Previously I was able to init-model from my domain specific word2vec or FastText vectors and use terms.teach successfully. Now it is not working.

It appears the init-model pathway has changed somehow with the Prodigy update to 1.10 and I am struggling to make things work. I have FastText domain-specific vectors using gensim package. If I init-model using the gzip word2vec that used to work, now it does not work.

Can you describe the steps to go from word2vec or FastText to functional spacy model. It looks like I need a jsonl vocabulary to make things work, but how do I generate that?


Sorry, this is bug in 1.10. See the quick fix here: terms.teach not showing contextual words

There will be a proper fix in the next release!

Just released v1.10.1, which includes the fix for this :slightly_smiling_face: