Imported dataset not found

Hi, I am new to rpodigy.
I used train ner to train the model. However, it shows that "cannot find ner_my_database_name in SQLite. But my_database_name.jsonl has been import by using db-in successfully. Many thanks for help.

Hi! Maybe check that the dataset name you used when importing the data matches? The first argument is the name of the dataset to import to, and the second argument is the file. See her for details:

So if you type prodigy db-in ner_my_database_name ./file.jsonl, the dataset ner_my_database_name will be created and the file file.jsonl will be loaded in.

Thanks @ines, Problem is fixed. I am new here. And I want to use some labels to find relevant text. Just wonder if textcat in text classification is the right tool.

Glad to hear! And yes, possibly :slightly_smiling_face: If you're new to Prodigy, the 101 guide and the docs on text classification are good places to start.