How to output / compute an NER model F1 score under spaCy 3.0?


I have been training a NER model with spacy 3.0. However, I didn't find any guide on how to output model's F1 score in the latest version. I have found some solutions of this question for the spacy version 2.0, but I think the code syntax would be different after the version update.

Could you let me know if there is any code example of printing f1 score for a NER model under spacy 3.0?

Thanks a lot

Hi! This type of question is better suited for the spaCy discussions forum. In short, you can define the metrics in the training config - cf

If you have further questions - feel free to open an issue on the discussion forum. If you're running into a specific problem, it's always useful to provide some example code as well, as that helps us better understand your workflow.