How to NER text inside cells of tables>

How to NER text inside cells of tables?

I see at nlp - Tabular data using spacy - Stack Overflow . But I am not sure it is correctly in science manner.

Could you describe the task in more detail? Tables typically have columns that carry the same format, which usually removes the need to use a tool like spaCy for NER. Looking at the screenshot, it seems like you're mainly interested in the values of two specific columns in the table. Am I understanding it correctly or do your tables also sometimes contain full sentences that need to be parsed?

I add example about NER illustration in English table. Let's imagine about NER need for Vietnamese tables.

If NER for sentences, we understand it. But now, I need NER for text inside cells of tables. I am looking for solution.

From my perspective, NER doesn't sound like a pragmatic approach for values inside of a table. Technically the column describes the entity and any value in the column would be an example of said entity. In the example you provided everything in the date column is a Date and everything in the Debit/Credit column is a monetary amount.

Wouldn't it be simpler to build a few heuristics on top of the column names for your task?