How to modify dataset marked?

I have labeled a data set ner-d3, and now I want to modify some of the previous annotations, what should I do.
I tried to use the following command, but I think this command is marked again on the basis of the previous one, rather than modified, so I don't know what to do, looking forward to your reply. Thanks

python -m prodigy ner.correct ner-d3 ./model-best --label MD,GD,D

hi @Zanejins!

Can you describe what you want to modify? Are you only correcting the labels?

Prodigy has a helpful dataset: syntax that may help.

The dataset: syntax lets you specify an existing dataset as the input source. Prodigy will then load the annotations from the dataset and stream them in again. Annotation interfaces respect pre-defined annotations and will pre-select them in the UI. This is useful if you want to re-annotate a dataset to correct it, or if you want to add new information with a different interface. The following command will stream in annotations from the dataset ner_data and save the resulting reannotated data in a new dataset ner_data_new :

python -m prodigy ner.manual ner_data_new blank:en dataset:ner_data --label PERSON,ORG

So in your case, you could run something like:

python -m prodigy ner.correct ner-d3-new ./model-best dataset:ner-d3 --label MD,GD,DD,RD,PHON