How to import `DatasetDoesNotExist` error


I'm trying to catch an error thrown by the prodigy Python SDK in my code (when deleting a dataset that doesn't exist with Database.drop_dataset(), and I see that it raises a DatasetDoesNotExist error, but it's unclear to me how to import that into my code. Through my IDE I see that there is a prodigy.errors module, but it seems I'm not allowed to import from there.

I tried looking in the docs, but no reference to that error to be found.

Hi @strickvl ,

You should be able to import the top level error class i.e. ProdigyError:

from prodigy.errors import ProdigyError

Does this import statement not work for you?
ProdigyError has title, textand msg attributes so you should get to a meaningful msg like so:

except ProdigyError as e:
# Dataset: 'my_dataset' not found in the currently configured Prodigy Database: sqlite

I admit the error handling is not documented enough. Definitely on a todo list now!

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Got it! I'm now doing this to make sure I'm handling the right error. I'd rather import the error itself, tbh, but this will do for now:

def delete_dataset(self, **kwargs: Any) -> None:
        """Deletes a dataset from the annotation interface.

            **kwargs: Additional keyword arguments to pass to the Prodigy

            ValueError: If the dataset name is not provided or if the dataset
                does not exist.
        db = self._get_db()
        if not (dataset_name := kwargs.get("dataset_name")):
            raise ValueError("`dataset_name` keyword argument is required.")
        except ProdigyError as e:
            # see
            if type(e).__name__ == "DatasetNotFound":
                raise ValueError(
                    f"Dataset name '{dataset_name}' does not exist."
                ) from e

Yeah, I agree of course it's not the most convenient we could be there. Note taken for sure!