How to disable the "Ignore" button?

Hi prodigy

I would like to create a custom recipe where the “Ignore” button is disabled.

What I am building is very similar to the one you use to demonstrate a custom recipe on the Recipes page:

But when I use your code, the ignore button is still there.

How can I disable it?


The accept / reject / ignore workflow is pretty central to Prodigy, so I normally wouldn't recommend disabling the "ignore" option and not giving the user an option to skip a question. However, if you need it for your specific use case, you can always hide and/or disable the button via the global_css. I've posted an example of disabling the reject button here:

Thank you very much :slight_smile:
According to you guide, the code for the “reject” button is:


What is the code for the ignore button?
And where can I find it?

“nth-child” refers to the “nth” child of the buttons container. The red button is the second, hence nth-child(2). The ignore button is the third, so it’d be nth-child(3).

Thank you!
For others that might be struggling a bit with this, this is the code I entered in my customized recipe:

‘config’: {“global_css”: “.prodigy-buttons button:nth-child(3) {display: none}”

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