How can I resolve "Cant find dataset" error message?

EDIT: It looks like I solved the problem by finding the issue in my personal code that produces patterns files. However, I would still love to hear what's wrong with my Prodigy recipe below if you have the time.

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I have done this successfully before, but it seems I lost my knack for it.

I am trying to reproduce a new patterns file, using Prodigy and the model.

But I am receiving a "Can't find dataset" error message no matter what I try. I even watched the video again, but no luck. I took a screenshot of my last attempt, hoping you may know...what am I doing wrong here?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

(If you can remind me how to use the id field, I would appreciate it. I actually wrote Python code that successfully created my own patterns files, but it does not seem to be working anymore).

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Hi! The problem here is that the recipe expects two positional arguments: the name of a Prodigy dataset created with terms.teach or similar, and the path to an output file. You can also see this in the docs here:

When you're calling the command, you're passing the path to a .csv file as the first argument, which is supposed to specify a Prodigy dataset. However, there's no dataset with that name because it's a file path.