Hosting from a subdomain?

Hi! I'm not 100% I'm hitting a prodigy bug or a kubernetes bug, so apologies if this is not the right forum. I'm hosting prodigy on my k8s clustering with an ingress config like

  - host:
       - path: /
         pathType: Prefix
             name: prodigy

If I modify the path to a subpath like /dataset, I get a message {"detail":"Not Found"}.

Anyone with experience hosting prodigy on a subdomain on k8s? Thanks!

This is definitely testing my Kubernetes knowledge :sweat_smile:, but my initial instinct is to make sure that you're pointing to the right port as well. Also, just to check, what command are you running inside of your Prodigy container?

Thanks for the response! I'm running:

prodigy ner.manual my_dataset en_core_web_sm my_file.jsonl --label my_labels

(replace my_dataset etc by the actual name). The ports are pointing through the right thing, since when I change the path to / it works. So not quite sure.