Horizontal View for Image Classification

I'd like to have the image displayed on the left or right of the browser window, and the list of categories/tags on the left or right of this image. This is because my list of categories is rather large (40 distinct categories) and it takes a long time to scroll all the way down.

How can I implement this instead of the default (image and tags displayed stacked on top of one another vertically)?

Hi! One solution would be to use the global_css setting and define two columns: one for the image container and one for the container of the choice options. This example here shows how to align the options themselves in two columns but the idea is the same for the .prodigy-container block with the image and choice options.

If your labels are very short, you could even do both: display the labels in two columns, in a column next to the image :slightly_smiling_face: