getting rid from warning message while loading prodigy trained spacy model.

Is there any way I can get rid of this warning message from prodigy model without changing the space version, it is taking unnecessary storage in my log file .

C:\Users\BNV\Envs\spacy221\lib\site-packages\spacy\ UserWarning: [W031] Model 'ur_model' (0.0.0) requires spaCy v2.1 and is incompatible with the current spaCy version (2.3.2). This may lead to unexpected results or runtime errors. To resolve this, download a newer compatible model or retrain your custom model with the current spaCy version. For more details and available updates, run: python -m spacy validate warnings.warn(warn_msg)


In theory, you can just disable Python warnings, but this one is really important and it's important that you see it: it tells you that your model is not compatible with the spaCy version you're using. So even if your model loads, the results it produces may be different and unexpected. So you should either run it with spaCy v2.1, or – the better solution! – retrain it with spaCy v2.3.

Ok got it, actually it is the pretrained model (ur_model) which was trained on older version.although I have retrained with new annotation but yes obviously if the pretrained model is from older version, it will be throwing away the warning. Thankyou I will look into it,