Generator object issue help

So I’m trying to write a custom loader for my text. The text is in the form of a csv document and my loader function is below:

def load_data(path): 
	with open(path) as f:
		reader = csv.DictReader(f)
		for row in reader:
			text = row.get('Description of the Event')
			task = {'text': text}
			yield task

The issue I’m running into is when running the recipe I get an error stating object of type ‘generator’ has no length. The recipe is below:

		long_text=("Long text", "flag", "L", bool))
def teach(dataset, spacy_model, source=None, label='',long_text=False):
	log('RECIPE: Starting recipe sent.teach', locals())
	DB = connect()
	path = os.getcwd()
	if spacy_model:
		print("loading model")
		nlp = spacy.load(spacy_model) 

	stream = load_data(os.path.join(path, 'data', 'sims_2018.csv'))
	# Rank the stream. Note this is continuous, as model() is a generator.
	# As we call model.update(), the ranking of examples changes.
	stream = prefer_uncertain(nlp(stream))
	return {
		'view_id': 'classification',
		'dataset': dataset,
		'stream': stream,
		'update': nlp.update,
		'config': {'lang': nlp.lang, 'labels': nlp.textcat.labels}

I used the textcat.teach as a template for creating my recipe. I know the error arises in
stream = prefer_uncertain(nlp(stream)), however, I thought the input into the predict function was supposed to be a generator? I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong here.

Ah never mind, I figured out what I did wrong. I didn’t realize that the call to the nlp only took in text so I just created a predict method that takes in the nlp model and the stream and returns the score and example.

def predict(nlp, stream):
	for eg in stream:
		doc = nlp(eg['text'])
		eg['label'] = max(doc.cats)
		score = max(doc.cats.values())
		yield (score, eg)
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Yes, that makes a lot of sense – thanks for the update and glad you got it working! :+1: