Flowchart of Computer Vision

Can I have the flowchart for the computer Vision?

hi @kushalrsharma!

Thanks for your question. The challenge is that we (Explosion) don't natively have a CV specific package for training. Prodigy offers CV annotation but for training you'd need to use some some third-party framework like TensorFlow or PyTorch. Flowcharts are about making recommendations and the problem is we're not able to make specific recommendations on third-party tools as we leave that to users on what works best for them.

This means i need to first annotate using prodigy and need to make a script to convert them to either YOLO format or COCO format for training. Or is there any scripts that helps me to do so?

Check out these two posts:

If you find something that works, we would be grateful if you could post to help others like you in the future!