Flagged output returned as zero

When I look at the output of a recent dataset, the flagged column contains:

  • "flagged":null
  • "flagged":1.0
  • "flagged":0.0

I'm curious how "flagged":0.0 occurred?

Thank you,

Hi @cheyanneb The flagged parameter in the output is already deprecated, so there's no need to worry about it. You can find this being noted at prodigy db-out --help .

Previously, this is used to mark certain annotations we want to go back to. Nowadays, the semantics should be similar to the IGNORE option, which you can already find in the answers key.

@ljvmiranda921 I just tested using the latest version, and I see the following:

  • "flagged":true

So you should only see flagged in the output when the flag is checked, and this 0.0, 1.0, null is an artifact of an older version?


Yes, you're right. When handling the output of db-out, you should only filter via the answers key.