Feature Request: Ann Plugin - Fetch could return row number or id too

I love the plugins, and the ann one is a big time saver. But I'd like to be able to see what row of the file matched (in the metadata) when I do a fetch query, or the id if available. I wasn't sure where to put this, move/file as you like :smiley:


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Hi Lynn!

Which recipe from that plugin are you using? I'm doing some work on that recipe right now and I could make a change to this internal function so that it takes all information under the meta tag and keeps it around for rendering. That feels like the simplest/most general way to support your request on our end but it would require you to add an id yourself manually. I could also add a rownumber myself manually, but that might be different from an id that you have in mind.

Would that suffice?

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Either one - as long as I get in the match ex output a way to identify which row from the input data is being matched. I have an id in my source data already (can put it under a meta in the source text json if required).

Understood. Will work on an update and will let you know when it is merged/reviewed!

This change is now part of a larger PR that I'm hoping to merge this week.

This PR will allow you to change the query from the recipe screen so that you don't need to restart the server if you want to retrieve other examples.

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It's out! :slight_smile:

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