Feature request: a recipe to print the names of all your datasets

I end up creating a lot of datasets and forgetting their names. It would be good to have a command line tool that lists them. Probably just prodigy dataset --list.

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This already exists – maybe this hasn’t been documented well enough. If so, sorry about that. The functionality is included in the stats command:

prodigy stats -l   # stats + list all datasets
prodigy stats -ls  # stats + list all datasets and session IDs


How do I return the list of only the datasets back to a python function as a list? How do you parse through the output of 'prodigy stats -l' command to only get the list of datasets names?

Check out the docs on Prodigy's database API: https://prodi.gy/docs/api-database#database To get all dataset names, you can use the property db.datasets. The source of the stats command is also included with Prodigy btw, so you can also have a look at specific things tthere and see how it's done :slightly_smiling_face: