False Results of Trained models

I annotated my doc using ner.manual, I also added an extra label named as POS, but after training, the model is showing a lot of false tagging and they are strange too. There are many words of documents labeled as work of art as result after the trained model.
Please Help, I am assuming it is because of my addition of extra label.

How many examples did you annotate? And did you annotate for all entity types, or only your new label?

Almost 1400 examples, and I annotated for all entity types including the new label so there were total 19 labels altogether.

What’s the accuracy look like during ner.batch-train? You might just need to change the settings slightly, e.g. change the batch size to something smaller, increase the dropout, etc.

Sir, I think its not about batch size, because just for testing purpose I train a new dataset with just 15 annotations and still the problem persists and most stop words labeled as work_of_art. Let me show you the line I am writing with the added label,
Python -m prodigy ner.manual my_dataset en_core_web_sm


here you can see “Position” is my new added label
I still think it is because of me adding a new label.

Please respond

I think we’ve found a bug that might explain this behaviour. I’m hoping we can get you a mitigation that you can use with your current installation; but failing that, we’ll definitely have a fix for the next release.

Oh, I will be waiting then.

I am still facing this issue, please tell a solution for this.

Which version of Prodigy are you using? Are you on the latest version, v1.7.1?


Oh and which version of spaCy are you running?


Could you provide the command you’re using for batch-train, with the arguments?

We’ve made some improvements in spaCy v2.1 to how the model learns when a new label is added. I would still expect it to work in v2.0 of spaCy too though, so I’m not sure what’s going on. It may be a question of getting the right training hyper-parameters. It’s also possible that your annotations are difficult to learn from, for instance if your definition of an entity is very different from the original model’s.

Try adding the --no-missing argument. You might also try passing en_vectors_web_lg to train from a blank model, instead of training from en_core_web_sm.

Btw, it would be helpful if you could paste snippets as text, instead of as screenshots. You can use three backtick characters (```) to delimit literal text.

Thanks alot, I will try this and will let you know.