Export in review format


Just one little question: is it possible to export annotations in a review format ? As in one text has multiple annotations from different people and all those in one single entry, something like:
{"text":"I have a dog", "annotations":[{"author":"some guy", "label":"positive"}, {"author":"some other guy", "label":"negative"}]}

Thanks !

Yes, if you run the db-out command with a dataset created with the review interface, you'll be able to export the merged and reviewed annotations. You can see examples of the output format here: https://prodi.gy/docs/api-interfaces#review

The format is very similar to your example – the top-level task (the final reviewed answer) has the same format as a regular annotation created with the given interface. But each entry also has a list of "versions" containing the individual tasks that were merged and reviewed. This makes the data more verbose, but it means that you never lose any information and you're always able to reconstruct what the final decision was based on.

I figured there was a way :smile: Thank you !