Explanation Custom NER model folders

Is there some documentation about the model-best or model-last folders created in output folder after custom NER training. For example the NER, transformer folders, what are they and what do they refer to?

hi @arda!

Great question! This is a good point that there isn't much documentation. However, this StackOverflow summarizes the difference well:

  • model-best is the model that got the highest score on the dev set. It is usually the model you would want to use.

  • model-last is the model trained in the last iteration. You might want to use it if you resume training.

Since these folders are based on spacy train (which Prodigy's prodigy train is a wrapper for), there are helpful discussions on spaCy's Github Discussion forum like these on resuming training:

But I would suggest reading through these posts too to understand what's the point/purpose of retraining (i.e., using model-last):

Let us know if you have any other questions!