Exclude not working properly


I have created a recipe and after a lot of research in the forums about how not to have the same annotations appear more than once,I have come to the solution of adding manual hashing by using the set_hashes function before yielding the results as you suggested in a previous topic.The problem I face now is that it looks like the task_hashes seem to be common for every dataset, even new ones that are empty, which results to No tasks available appearing even though I have zero annotations done.I have come to that conclusion after trying the following command ctrl.db.get_task_hashes(“dsa”) where obviously dsa is not a dataset and it still returns the task_hashes that have been created by all the annotators.What could be the issue here?

Thanks in advance.

Sorry about that – I’m pretty sure what you’re experiencing is related to an issue with the hashing (see here). We’ve already fixed this and built the wheels for the v1.4.1 release, so you can expect an update today!

Edit: v1.4.1 is out now and should resolve this issue!

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