Event hooks - manual database search only works for first annotation


Part of my code creates a search box which searches a PostgreSQL database for entities. The search works fine on the first annotation but doesn't work for any of the following annotations. I have tried across Safari and Chrome but the same issue. Have tried across versions 14.0 - 14.4 and same issue.

First annotation - all fine.
Screenshot 2023-11-07 at 11.36.28

Second annotation - nothing appears to select.
Screenshot 2023-11-07 at 11.37.24

Log difference between first and second annotations. Nothing appears after the INFO for the second annotation.

Hi @SeanRobinson, it's a little hard to determine what's going on here without seeing the recipe code. If you're able to share your custom recipe (or even better, a minimal reproducible example) that would be really helpful.

Hi Kabir, I've uploaded some screenshots of the relevant parts of code.


Thanks for sharing @SeanRobinson but when possible if you could share formatted code that is the most helpful for reproducing the issue (thanks!). I'll try to reproduce the issue on my end and get back to you shortly.

1 more question: Do you have any errors that show up in your Terminal from Prodigy, or in the browser console? e.g. you're doing a console.error if the request fails for the "search_db" event. Is that displaying anything?

Hi @SeanRobinson I wasn't able to reproduce this locally. Something working on the first example but not subsequent examples tends to be because a Python generator was consumed on the first example and then there are no results left on the 2nd example. Can you verify that isn't the case for your querying setup?