Error attribute 'console_logger_v2'

Hello to all,

I hadn't run a training with prodigy since december, but now when I run a training I have an error:

AttributeError: module 'spacy_legacy.loggers' has no attribute 'console_logger_v2'.

I couldn't find any info by searching the web. Can you help me plz ?
Here are more details :

Hi there.

In the future, please refrain from using screenshots when sharing logs or code. The downside of a screenshot is that you cannot copy/paste/search through it and it usually makes it harder for us to figure out what going wrong.

That said, could you share the versions of spaCy and Prodigy? Could you also share the command that you ran? Are you using a custom Config file for the training?

One thing to note: it seems like you're using Python 3.6. That version is no longer officially supported by the Python maintainers and I might recommend upgrading to a more recent version.


Sorry for that.

the problem was solved by reisntalling spacy and prodigy.

Have a nice ady