Entity order is not consistent in NER manual

Reporting this one because it screwed me up for quite a few labels, though it’s not really a bug.

The order of the entities I’m trying to tag is not consistent across the same command. For example, if I’m tagging PERSON and ORG, sometimes the former will be first, other times it will be second. My brain just sort of continued doing the thing it was doing before, only for me to realize that I had been tagging ORGs as PERSONs.

It would be nice if those were sorted so that they remained consistent (even if the command changes a bit).

Just to confirm: you mean the order of the labels at the top, right? Are you using the latest version v1.4.0? The ordering problem was already reported on this thread and I’m pretty sure we fixed it everywhere for the latest release.

(In any case, I definitely agree – small details like this are very important, because Prodigy relies on quick and intuitive annotation, and making it as easy as possible for the human in the loop to click through the examples. You experience is actually a perfect example of how very small inconsistencies can cause enough friction to throw off the brain and make annotation significantly less efficient. So we always care about optimising this as much as possible!)

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Oh yes, sorry for the repeat thread. I downloaded 1.3.0 a couple days before you guys released a new one and haven’t upgraded yet. Thanks!

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No worries – thanks for updating and glad to hear it’s working! :+1: