End-to-end nlp project NER


Hello everybody,
I am working on a NER nlp project, we want to have a complete pipeline ie from annotation to model development and stored data in posgresql. And then deployed this model on our web platform, and the users will be able to correct the model themselves, ie this annotations is not good but rather this one, but all this using prodi.gy in back.
I have already purchased a personal license and would like to know if it is possible to know if prodigy can give access to these APIs to do my project.
thank you

Hi @issaga , welcome to Prodigy!

Yes, what you mentioned is possible: you can set Prodigy up with a PostgreSQL database, and expose it through a web platform for different users (cf. Named Sessions). If you serve it through the web, you can already access the Prodigy UI as if you're running it in your own computer. But if you want to still interact with a REST API, it's also possible (see: REST API).

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