Empty jsonl


I am getting the following error whe trying to read a jsonl containing images paths.

!prodigy image.manual test /images.jsonl --label Header,Row,Column,Data

Using 4 label(s): Header, Row, Column, Data ✘ Error while validating stream: no first example. This likely means that your 'loader' could not find any examples in the 'source'. Ensure you're using a source with some examples and that not all examples are being filtered out by preprocessing functions in your recipe. This can also mean all the examples in your stream have been annotated in datasets included in your --exclude recipe parameter.

Hi @giseem5 ,

If you load image source via pre-formatted .jsonl file you also need to specify the loader by adding --loader jsonl to your command.
You can also check image.manual docs for more details on the usage of this recipe: Built-in Recipes · Prodigy · An annotation tool for AI, Machine Learning & NLP