Duplicates in AudioVideo tasks

Hi there,

We are using prodigy to accept/reject pre-annotated videos with a custom recipe.
These videos are pulled from S3 and are typically 1-3 seconds long (under 2mb).

Given a set of 50 videos to annotate, and a batch size of 10, we are seeing around 20% duplicates. The prodigy interface shows ~60 videos annotated, whereas there are only 50 in the stream we provide to prodigy. The prodigy DB also only shows 50 examples have been annotated

We've debugged the stream itself, and can confirm that only 50 items are returned by the stream. We've even wrapped the stream with filter_duplicates as suggested in another support topic, but that has had no effect. It feels like there is a bug within the prodigy app that is leaking items into the next batch of tasks that are fetched from the stream, possibly due to the size of our tasks given the video nature? Here's the code that we're using for our custom recipe. Let me know if there's any additional logs/metrics that'd be useful for you

import boto3
import prodigy
import json
import os

from prodigy.util import bytes_to_b64
from prodigy.components.filters import filter_duplicates

def ar_recipe(bucket, prefix=None, vid_format='video/mp4', include='_annotated.mp4'):

    prefix = os.environ.get('PRODIGY_SAMPLES_PREFIX',  prefix)

    blocks = [
        { "view_id": "audio_manual" },
        { "view_id": "html" }

    title_suffix = ' action'

    s3 = boto3.client('s3')

    def get_stream():
        paginator = s3.get_paginator('list_objects')
        paginate_params = {
            'Bucket': bucket

        if prefix is not None:
            paginate_params['Prefix'] = prefix

        page_iterator = paginator.paginate(**paginate_params)

        item_num = 0

        # Iterate through the pages.
        for page in page_iterator:
            # Iterate through items on the page.
            for obj in page['Contents']:
                vid_key = obj['Key']

                if vid_key.endswith(include):
                    # Read the video.
                    highlighted_video = s3.get_object(Bucket=bucket, Key=vid_key).get('Body').read()

                    events_path = vid_key.replace(include, '')
                    event = s3.get_object(Bucket=bucket, Key=f'{events_path}.json').get('Body').read().decode('utf-8')
                    event = json.loads(event)
                    event_type = event.get('action_type').lower()

                    html = f"<h2>{event_type}{title_suffix}</h2><div style='display:none;'>{vid_key.replace('/', '_')}</div>"

                    task = {
                        'video': bytes_to_b64(highlighted_video, vid_format),
                        'path': f's3://{bucket}/{vid_key}',
                        'html': html,
                        'action_event': event_type,
                        'text': vid_key.replace('/', '_'),
                        '_task_hash': item_num

                    item_num += 1

                    yield task

    stream = filter_duplicates(get_stream())

    config = {
        "dataset": prefix.replace('/','_'),
        'view_id': "blocks",
        'stream': stream,
        'config': {
            "labels": [ "RELEVANT" ],
            "blocks": blocks,
            "choice_auto_accept": True,
            "audio_autoplay": True,
            "global_css": ".c0177 { display: None; } .prodigy-title { display: None; }",

    return config

Appreciate the help, thanks :slight_smile:

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Hi! Thanks for the report :slight_smile: Two quick questions to help debug this: Are you using feed_overlap and/or multiple named sessions accessing the same instance of Prodigy? And in the underlying data, did you confirm that the _task_hash and _input_hash of the duplicate examples you see are identical? (If they're not, this could indicate that there's something that causes the same example to receive different hashes, making Prodigy believe they're different examples.)

Hi Ines,

We are not using named sessions for this, and not using feed_overlap

I can confirm that I am seeing identical _task_hash and _input_hash in the duplicates. After the first batch of 10 with incrementing task hashes, I see a couple of tasks from a previous batch again, followed by the next batch. For example, with a batch size of 10, this is an example ordering of the tasks I see in prodigy:

0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, 8,9, 10,11,12,13,14,15 etc. where we see task hashes 8 and 9 repeated before the second batch of new data from the stream. The duplicates aren't necessarily from the previous batch, I've seen tasks from the first batch appear in the third batch etc.

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