Does Prodigy have an API endpoints that I can use in my mobile app

I am looking to buy the Prodigy licence to use in the mobile application that I am building so I just wanted to know if Prodigy will be suitable for my application. The application I am building will have to classify texts and categorize them into different categories. I am new to Spacy and I came across Prodigy which I realized that it makes it easier to annotate data and train spacy models easier. I would like to know if Prodigy has an API that I can expose to my mobile application, if not, will it be possible to host prodigy on the cloud and expose it to the API? Thank you.

Hi @WilsonKolana , welcome to Prodigy!

Prodigy exposes a REST API as seen here:
It's built on-top of FastAPI, so you can view a swagger doc by opening the /docs route.

Whenever you run Prodigy in a machine, it starts a server that exposes the API. This also makes it suitable to be hosted on the cloud :slight_smile:


Noted, Thank you.