Does portuguese model have word vectors?

I am running

prodigy terms.teach artists pt_core_news_sm --seeds "anitta, wesley safadão, dj dennis"

Initialising with 3 seed terms: dj dennis, wesley safadão, anitta

✨  Starting the web server at http://localhost:8080 ...
Open the app in your browser and start annotating!

And I am getting the following error:

ValueError: [E010] Word vectors set to length 0. This may be because you don't have a model installed or loaded, or because your model doesn't include word vectors. For more info, see the docs:

As the error message says, the pt_core_news_sm model has no word vectors. You can also check this in the URL mentioned in the error message, for example:

If you want to use vectors, you can either find other pretrained vectors like the fastText vectors and add them to the blank model, or train your own on raw data (using GloVe, fastText, Gensim etc.).