Disable automatic selection of full word when using ner.correct recipe

When using prodigy interface to select words, if there is no space the entire string is selected. Somehow I am not able to select characters. How can it be solved?

In the following image, I just want VITAMINA C, but all previous characters are selected automatically, because there is no space between them.

This will affect model prediction performance.

Welcome to the forum @fernandorodriguespro ,

In ner.manual and spans.manual recipes you can add a toggle for switching between character and token-based annotation by calling them with the --highlight-chars flag. Be mindful, though, that this won't affect the tokenization so you'll end up with misaligned tokens and spans. In order to train a model afterwards, you'll need a tokenizer that will be able to recreate this same tokenization (See the important note in the docs referred above)

The typical workflow in these cases is to use this highlight-chars feature to "record" the issues in the tokenization of your dataset and use them to create custom tokenization rules for the tokenizer that will be used in the training.
You can also use the manually retokenized phrases to test the custom tokenizer that you will create.
From there you might integrate the custom tokenizer in your training pipeline or you might also choose to solve these issues in the preprocessing step (as this is where this problem essentially belongs) - it shouldn't really matter.

What if I just skip these words?

If you skip these words from processing, you won't be able to extract any information from it. If you believe that the information you're after appears correctly tokenized in other parts of text and you would be getting enough training examples despite ignoring mistokenized words then it should OK to ignore them.

This thread is in-depth discussion of such "agglutinations" - it might be of interest to you as well.