Deploy trained text classifier on Sagemaker


Thanks on developing such a great tool for such easy and ready to use NLP. I though being a novice have been able so easily to use this to train my datasets and get great results on the same.

However, me being a novice to this domain, I could not figure out how to use the same for online predictions and deployment on other projects. I would like to deploy my custom trained model on AWS Sagemaker or Google AI Platform to be able to make predictions on a multi label classifier problem through the same, preferably using post requests. I would be grateful for any help regarding the same.


Hi! A model you train with Prodigy is a regular spaCy model, so you can deploy it like you would deploy any other spaCy project or model.

For example, this blog post includes an example Dockerfile for a spaCy-powered project on Sagemaker:

Alternatively, here's a template for a REST API powered by FastAPI: