Demo Doesn't Load

Hi, Prodigy looks like an excellent tool but I'd like to try it out and get a feel for how well it would work for my workflow. Unfortunately the web demo never loads on my (chrome) browser. Are you able to offer trial periods? Is the issue on my end or is there a problem with the web demo?

Thanks for the help.

Thanks a lot for the heads-up – no idea what happened, but just restarted the server and it seems to work again for me. So maybe try again now?

The live demo only shows one part of Prodigy, the web app – the back-end is trickier to demo on the web because it's a Python app that runs on your local machine. If you want to see some end-to-end workflows of Prodigy in action, you might find our videos helpful:

For company trials, we're also happy to set up a VM to try out Prodigy – you can email us at

Thanks! It works for me now. I'll check out the videos and get back to you about setting up a VM to try.

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