Customizing Prodigy for End to End Video Annotation

Dear Support Team,

I want to customize Prodigy for endoscopic video annotation. The annotation tasks might include tissue/tools/hands detection/segmentation, key points detection, and phases/action classification. Typical UI shall display the video frame, play/pause/next/previous controls, window-based searching widget, and the ability to annotate multiple objects via the video timeline and track the labels.

Is it possible to customize Prodigy for such kind of video annotation workload? There is an example Audio & Video recipe but I can't see how to customize it to show an image frame with video controls and annotation capability through the video timeline.

Can someone guide me through this customization of Prodigy? Your support will be greatly appreciated.

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hi @nlp-guy!

Unfortunately, most of the functionality you're looking for isn't available out-of-the-box with Prodigy. As you've probably seen, typically we would recommend converting into images for every n-th frame or use some combination/similar functionality from the audio interface . I've included several of related posts where other users have asked for similar features.

I have made an internal issue about your request. Let us know if you have any additional details of what the functionality would look like. This could help us out if we look more out developing these features in the future.

Thanks for sharing the links and asking for more details.

To begin with, a recipe that would allow users to upload a video file for classification where UI displays the labels at the top, followed by the video (maybe with play, stop, next, prev buttons) at the middle and timeline control at the bottom (like the audio_manual labeling interface but for interacting with frames).