custom recipe not working in 1.9.8

Wonder it's a regression.
Custom recipe doesn't work any more. The same recipe worked with 1.9.6. This is the error I got -

    ✘ Can't find recipe or command 'custom.textcat.teach'.

Here is command I used -

    PRODIGY_PORT=8000 prodigy custom.textcat.teach dataset blank:en 
    data.jsonl –F

Here is the

    import prodigy
    from import teach
def custom_textcat_teach(dataset, spacy_model, source, patterns, label=None):
    components = teach(dataset=dataset, spacy_model=spacy_model,
                       source=source, patterns=patterns, label=label)
    with open('/home/ec2-user/anaconda3/lib/python3.7/site-packages/prodigy/extension/template.html', 'r') as f:
        template =
    components['config']['html_template'] = template
    components['view_id'] = 'html'
    return components

Ha, this was confusing for a second, but I think I found the problem: that dash in –F in your command isn't a regular dash, it's an n-dash. It looks just like -F, but it's not, so Prodigy doesn't read the recipe path or load the file and then exits early because it doesn't have a recipe for that name.

Not sure how we could check for something like this to catch it and show a warning to the user :thinking: (Because in theory, the –F could be part of some other command line input that we don't yet know the meaning of because we don't yet know the recipe.)

You're spot-on. I am saving all the commands in a power point file. Power point is altering the dashes.

I'm sure that you have heard from many people. You're the best!