Custom css doesn't survive Prodigy version upgrade

Prodigy offers great flexibility in customising the UI by passing global_css in the recipe config. However, the relevant class names (e.g. .c01126 ) seem to have changed between v1.9 and v1.10 so the settings are applied to the wrong places. Is there an easier (and ideally future proof) solution than manually finding the new class names and editing the recipe accordingly?

Hi! That's currently expected, sorry about that! The class names are auto-generated, and as the app changes, those generated names may also change and there's no really an easy way to prevent that.

We try to add human-readable names like .prodigy-buttons etc. to the elements that users commonly want to target with CSS and those will of course be preserved between versions. So if you let me know which elements you're interested in, we can probably add classes for them, too :slightly_smiling_face: