count_dataset missing in docs

I was making a custom mongo database and notice an error due to a lacking method that is not explained in the docs (count_dataset):

i had to find it inside the python package, would be nice if you update the docs so other people don't go crazy finding it like me :slight_smile:

the property Database.db is also missing in the docs

Thanks for the heads-up! The count_dataset method is pretty new, so it seems like I forgot to add this when it was introduced. Just updated the docs and should be live in a few minutes.

Database.db is technically an attribute and uses whatever is passed in as db on initialization. So I think that's why it's currently only documented on Database.__init__. We could add an "attributes" section (similar to how we do it in the spaCy API docs), but there are currently only 3: db, db_id and db_name.

thank you for doing it so quickly :smiley:

but there are currently only 3: db , db_id and db_name .

mmm i had to define db and db_name, but at list in my case it didn't asked me for defining db_id
some doc review later

For custom databases plugged in by the user, the ID will default to 'custom' .

i guess that explain its

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