Convert annotated Data To Spacy

I already annotated my data using ner.manual and generated my data in JSONL format and i want to convert the data to .spacy
so i used the "data-to-spacy" it provide with the .spacy file for training and testing adn a cfg file the training word with that specific cfg.file but i want to use the config generated in spacy documentation so i can change the configuration and in this case i keep getting and error of type DATA seems to be empty adn docbin error so how get i get my annotated data data in a spacy format that works in this case ?

hi @YassineSboui,

Thanks for your question and welcome to the Prodigy community :wave:

It sounds like you created spaCy binary files of your annotations and a spaCy config file, but you're having problems modifying the spaCy config file. Is that correct?

Can we step back for one second - after you run data-to-spacy, can you run spacy train ... on just those binary files and config file?

python -m spacy train ./corpus/config.cfg --paths.train ./corpus/train.spacy ./corpus/dev.spacy

I'm asking this to first confirm if the default config and annotations work.

I'm not sure what you mean by "the config generated in spaCy documentation". Is there an example you want to use? Can you provide it?

Can you provide the command you're running and the error? Also, provide your Prodigy and spaCy versions by running prodigy stats and spacy info.

Have you tried spaCy's debug commands like spacy debug data or spacy debug config? These are made to help you in debugging data and config's. Please provide any output of these as well.