constituency parsing, dependency parsing and semantic role labeling

Hello, I am planning to use prodigy to label a legal text dataset with the intention of doing semantic role labeling, my question is can I use prodigy to do all this kind of labeling (constituency parsing, dependency parsing, and semantic role labeling) by default, or do is it possible to create and use my own recipe.
Thanks in advance.

Hi @bayethiernodiop,

Unfortunately support for tree annotation in Prodigy is currently very limited. You can accept or reject labelled relations, but there's currently no way to create new trees. We have some ideas for how to provide this, but it would be a new front-end that has different assumptions than the current one --- as the task is pretty different. In the meantime, you might find it helpful to use Prodigy's sequence annotation to help you prepare bracketed spans, which could be a helpful preprocess.