Choice unselects option on multiple keypresses

When I select an option by for example pressing "1" and then press "1" again (if I forgot I already hit the button, or if I go back to an already annotated task, it de-selects that option. If choice_auto_accept is enabled I then have a task that has been accepted, but has no tag. This is often an issue when i go back to an image I have previously annotated. Is there a way to disable this behavior - so that if I select the same choice multiple times, it will never deselect?

Thanks for the report – I know what you mean and I've actually been thinking about how to solve this for the choice_auto_accept. Allowing to unselect the radio buttons was intended as a feature to allow you to reset a single-choice task to its initial state (even though it's not how radio buttons typically work). But for choice_auto_accept, this doesn't really make sense and can easily lead to the problems you describe – so maybe unselecting radio buttons should just be disabled by default if choice_auto_accept is enabled?

I think quite simply disabling unselect makes sense. However, intuitively that should also disable the "Accept" button - you should be forced to either choose one of the options, "Reject" or "Ignore".

Is there a quickfix to simply disabling the unselect?

Is there some sort of javascript hook that can be used?

I can't really think of an easy workaround, because the selection logic is internals... I guess you could listen on prodigyupdate, keep a record of the current task's accepted and if it's the same task and accepted is set to an empty list, call update again and re-add the previous selected ID? It could have unintended side-effects, though, so I'm not 100% sure it'll work.

Edit: Just released v1.8.4, which should fix this under the hood!

Excellent - can't wait to try it out.

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