Check annotated relations from #prodigy


I use prodigy to annotate relations based on the following command:
python -m prodigy rel.manual ner_rels blank:en ./pattern.jsonl --label compounds --span-label rateconstants

However, I found annotated relations were archived and I did not find the command that I can re-open/edit those annotated ones. Does any of you have an idea about how to do it? Many thanks in advance!!


Hi @Tod ,

If you want to re-open or edit the annotated relations, you can use dataset:name_of_your_dataset as the input source instead of a file. What happens next is that dataset will be queued up again.

prodigy rel.manual new_dataset blank:en dataset:your_previous_dataset ...

You can then save the result to a new dataset so that you don't end up with duplicates.
Thanks for waiting!


Hi @ljvmiranda921, sorry for the late response due to my days off. Many thanks for your message and solution. It works perfectly! Cheers, Tod