Changing total display in sidebar to show total per session

Right now, the total annotation in the sidebar is quite misleading when using the session feature explicitly.

I use sessions to differentiate between different annotators. In this example below, the total dataset size is 1481 examples. I have annotated around 120 examples. The progress bar correctly reflects that.

The "this session" progress shows how many I've done since opening up the web page again. While it's slightly confusing to use the word session for this as well, I understand it comes from the fact that by default, sessions are created with a timestamp. However, when explicitly using sessions (url/?session=mysessionnname), then this wording might be slightly confusing. Nevertheless, it actually works very well in my use case.

The total number, however, is very confusing. It shows the total number of annotations of all sessions (users), but it should display either the total size of the dataset, or the total number of annotated items for this session (as displayed in the progress bar). Or, put differently, progress bar and total text should match in behaviour:

Is there a way to change that in Prodigy?