can't use sense2vec recipe

I just started to use Prodigy. I don't see sensen2vec in the default recipes. How could I enable sense2vec? I tried prodigy -F sensen2vec. I got an error - 'Can't find recipe or command '-F'. How can I enable the sen2vec recipe with my Prodigy?

Thank you.

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Hi! Have you seen the sense2vec documentation of the Prodigy recipes? It shows example usage of the commands that are included and what arguments they expect.

Just make sure sense2vec is installed in the same environment as Prodigy, otherwise Prodigy can't detect them.

Thank you very much for the quick reply.
Can you be more specify about 'install in the same environment'?
Here is what I have tried. I installed prodigy under anaconda3\bin. I downloaded sense2vec-master from github and copied sense2vec directory to the same location anaconda3\bin. Then I activated prodigy source. I ran prodigy -F sense2vec or prodigy -F path/sense2vec I got the following error - Can't find recipe or command '-F' What am I missing?

You shouldn't have to copy anything around or use -F in Prodigy.

Just run pip install sense2vec and download the model you want to use, as described in the README. The sense2vec package will register its Prodigy recipes via entry points and you'll be able to run prodigy sense2vec.teach etc. just like any other Prodigy recipe.

I got sen2vec running.
I had to upgrade prodigy from 1.8 to 1.9.
What confused me was when I typed 'prodigy', I didn't see sense2vec.teach in the 'Available recipes' list. However I could run prodigy sense2vec.teach.

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