Can't import recipe

I'm getting started with customising prodigy recipes, so I cloned the recipes repos and ran

prodigy my-recipe -F --help

which in theory should display help text for required fields, but instead:

ERROR: Can't import recipe 'my-recipe'

made no changes to the file, in the correct directory
Built in recipes work and version in 1.8.3. any particular config required to run custom recipes?
Same thing on OSX and in a python:3.7 docker container (debian)
thanks in advance

Hi, sorry if this was confusing! The my-recipe in the example was supposed to be a placeholder for the recipe name. The recipe name is defined as the first argument of the @prodigy.recipe decorator – so in the case of, it's choice (see here). You can also find the recipe names in the overview in the README.

So if you change the reipce name, it should work as expected:

prodigy choice -F --help
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